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Expertly Welding Structural Steel in the Mississippi Gulf Coast Region

Structural Welding

Whether your plans are stamped and ready or if you’re looking for an engineer to design a reliable support system, Wilson’s Welding Service, Inc. can partner with you for great results. Serving the Mississippi Gulf Coast region and beyond since 1974, we provide structural welding services to match the time and budgetary constraints that contractors are so often subject to. Our focus is on commercial and industrial structures. We can use advanced processes such as specific arc welding techniques to reduce the weight of your building while maintaining its structural integrity.

The Many Applications of Commercial and Architectural Metalwork

Structural steel is commonly used to distribute loads in condominiums, business towers, shopping centers, schools and hospitals. Our welders understand the principles that engineers study, such as tension, compression and bearing stress. As they work, they check their product against the specifications. Our staff has experience with many applications of architectural metalwork. A few examples include:

  • Staircases of all shapes and sizes
  • Commercial ceiling and flooring systems
  • Catwalks for stadiums
  • Mezzanine and balcony fabrication
  • Steel beams and framing

There’s often a disconnect between the architectural, engineering and construction disciplines. We’re your materials experts, but we leverage the knowledge and skills of all of the involved professionals. We’ve worked with architects, code officials and superintendents to create components that satisfy all of the project’s requirements and install them correctly in the field.

Serving Clients From Texas to Florida

We handle architectural welding and aluminum fabrication for clients around the Gulf Coast. Working in Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama and Florida, we’re trusted by some of the nation’s top developers. Talk to us about your upcoming project’s needs. We’d be happy to answer questions and provide you with more information in regards to our offerings. Feel free to give us a call at 228-255-4825.