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Types of Welding to Help Your Business

Types of Welding to Help Your Business

Welding can be dangerous work, but it is often essential for numerous functions around businesses. While you may not want to perform these tasks yourself, it can be beneficial to know about them so that you know what to ask for from of a professional welder.

Shielded-Metal Arc

This method of welding uses electric currents to bond two pieces of metal together. It is most often used in construction projects that rely on many steel components. It is also used with industrial fabrications to weld steel and iron together.

Flux-Cored Arc

Some businesses choose to use flux-cored arc welding as an alternative to shielded welding. It is highly beneficial with construction projects because of its portability and speed.

Gas-Metal Arc

This type is typically used in industrial complexes. It requires a direct-current power source as well as a consistent voltage. Four types of metal transfer can take place with this method of welding. They are:

  • Pulsed spray
  • Spray
  • Short circuiting
  • Globular

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you want to hire a professional who is experienced with the type of welding you need. To hire an experienced welding company, contact Wilson’s Welding today.