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The Importance of Pipe Preparation in Welding

Welding pipes are extremely difficult. The only way you will improve at this skill is by practicing. You can watch videos to learn alternate techniques, but the more experience you have the easier it will become. When welding pipes, it is extremely important to prepare the pipe.

Avoid Mistakes

Proper preparation can help to avoid some of the common errors, including:
  • Too much or little penetration on various points of the pipe.
  • Inconsistency on the keyhole size.
  • An electrode angle that is too steep.
  • Underfilling the weld.
Pipes are difficult to work with. If you ever consider welding, it is crucial that you lay some groundwork for yourself and gain experience in other areas of welding in preparation for welding a pipe. You will need a lot of practice to master this skill.
If you have welding needs, you should speak with a professional. Call Wilson’s Welding Service, Inc. to learn more about the art of welding, especially when it comes to working with pipes.