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Finish Your Metal Fabrication Pieces With Sandblasting

Custom fabrication is a superior process for creating unique metal designs, tools, and equipment for you to use throughout your business. However, there is always room for improvement, and sandblasting offers an excellent way to experience this progress.

Sandblasting is a finishing application in which small sand particles are detonated toward the surface of the metal to blasts away imperfections and reveal a smooth and clean finish. While the newly exposed surface looks great, the benefits of sandblasting extend far beyond looks. Learn about some of the added benefits sandblasting can afford your business.

Environmental Protection

Sandblasting gives you the opportunity to make a positive mark on the environment. Painting is a common alternative to sandblasting when it comes to revitalizing and updating a metal surface, but paint applications aren't always the most environmentally friendly solution. Typical paint formulas consist of all sorts of toxic substances.

The chemicals found in the paint may be harmful to wildlife, waterways, and soil, especially when not disposed of properly. And the production of paint solutions can create dangerous air quality concerns.

Sandblasting relies on natural resources, which cuts the need for producing harmful solutions. When you take advantage of sandblasting for your metal surfaces, you will have greater confidence that you're helping your local community and the environment while still achieving the results you want. 

Rust Removal

Rust deserves the title of metal destroyer. If you use your fabricated metal pieces in moist environments, you are in a constant battle against rust and sometimes, no matter your efforts, rust forms anyway. Rust is unsightly and lowers the structural integrity of metal, but one of its more prominent threats is the fact that it spreads.

A small area of rust on a metal surface can become a much larger area over time. But with sandblasting, as the sand is blasted towards the metal, the rust chips away and reveals a like-new appearance.

Sandblasting is a useful tool for removing rust from metal surfaces before it has an opportunity to spread and cause a larger problem. Rust removal through sandblasting can extend the life of your metal pieces, which saves your business money. In addition to removing rust, sandblasting is also powerful enough to remove old paint. 


Sandblasting offers you a faster way to clean your metal surfaces. It's common for dirt, fluids such as oil, and other debris and contaminants to collect on the surface of metal just from regular use, especially if the metal is used in an industrial environment.

However, it's crucial to clean debris and contaminants away, as some of these particles may increase the risk of damage to the metal. For exceptionally large pieces of metal, the cleaning process is both very laborious and time-consuming.

When you must task a team member with the cleaning process, every moment they spend cleaning the metal is one less moment they spend performing their regular job duties, which can hurt productivity.

Professional sandblasting offers you the benefit of a deep clean, but with the advantages of keeping your team member on task and a shorter cleaning time overall, which allows you to get your metal pieces back into commission sooner.

When it comes to meeting your custom metal fabrication needs, you don't leave the task to just anyone. You should have the same train of thought when it comes to sandblasting - only rely on professionals with experience to enjoy the benefits of sandblasting. At Wilson's Welding Service, Inc., we can meet this goal. 

Whether you just need sandblasting services, or you need custom fabrication or welding assistance, we work hard to deliver what our customers need.